10 Things Improvements I Want to See in Apex Legends

Developer Respawn Entertainment and publisher EA Games stealth-dropped a brand new free to play battle royale multiplayer shooter this week titled Apex Legends — a spin-off of the Titanfall franchise. Apex Legends features fast gameplay, a hero-based character system, intuitive team communication tools, and a respawn system that means a fallen teammate may not always be truly down for the count. The game can be downloaded for free right now on Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC.

In the course of 24 hours, the game has already reached close to 3 million players and over 600,000 concurrent users. It’s currently sitting at the top spot on Twitch in terms of viewers and streamers playing through it. I am personally shocked how polished and complete Apex Legends feels, all while totally avoiding that ‘early access’ feel entirely. Seasons and battle passes will be activated starting in March.

I have spent a lot of time playing the game over the past several days and I feel strongly that Apex Legends has the potential to be a serious contender in the highly competitive battle royale market. While I doubt the game will dethrone the likes of Fortnite anytime soon, I do feel Apex Legends can be very successful if Respawn continues to build upon the current game and keep it fresh and fun.

Here’s 10 things I would like to see implemented or improved in Apex Legends that I feel would make it even more successful than it already is.

10. Add wall running, wall hopping and parkour elements from Titanfall.

Titanfall’s pilot movement was extremely satisfying. It made the title stand out from other shooters due to how fluid the movement is and how cool it felt as a player to pull off slick maneuvers while chaining them together in fun ways. Some of these movements, like the climbing and sliding, did make the cut in Apex Legends; however, I would love to see Respawn go the distance and add the parkour elements as well to REALLY make the game stand out in the battle royale category.

9. Add new maps to the game.

One thing PUBG does well is adding a variety of maps into the game that cycle in between matches. Fortnite’s map is an ever-changing character in itself that adds a lot of identity to the title, but it does get old running around the same areas despite the quarterly alterations. I would like to see Respawn add more Titanfall inspired maps to the game with different environment types to add a lot of variety to matches. Since the name of the map appears in loading screens already, I have a feeling this is already in the works.

8. Increase the player count to 100 while maintaining performance.

Squads of 3 players are fine, but I would like to see this increase. Bumping the teams up to 4 players while increasing the overall team count to 25, equating overall to 100 players, would be ideal here. I know Respawn limited the game to 60 to help keep the game’s performance in solid shape, which I agree was the right move, but I hope they can keep the solid performance while also allowing more players and teams in a single match.

7. Make weapons feel more unique and distinct.

My biggest complaint about Apex Legends is how the weapons look so similar on the battlefield. I have a hard time differentiating them visually. I keep picking up different guns and shooting them off to see if they’re to my liking. I do understand that the game is still new and I need to learn it, but I feel all of the guns look so similar to a point where I have a hard time telling them apart. I would love to see some work done to make the guns stand out more.

6. Add a higher variety game types.

Let’s face it, we need more modes here. Squads-only doesn’t cut it if you want to stay competitive. A solo mode is a must and bigger team battles, such as Fortnite’s insanely fun 50 vs 50 mode, would work wonders in Apex Legends. Many players, like myself, who tend to enjoy playing the game on their own would love the added comfort of playing in larger teams so the anxiety of having to be a solid player can be alleviated, making the game more enjoyable overall. Fortnite does this very well and I have no doubt it’s being worked on right now within the dev team. Get creative here, Respawn.

5. Make all characters free like Overwatch.

Gating characters behind a paywall, especially when you’re charging so much for cosmetics, kinda sucks. The characters are an essential part of the game and I feel like I’m missing out unless I pony up the cash for them. This may be an intentional ploy to gain more revenue from the game, but I still think its scummy. Rainbow Six: Siege did this as well and that’s a paid game — it sucked there and it sucks here too.

4. Add individual training modes for each character.

Since each character in Apex Legends plays so much differently than one another, I wish I had a space in the game where I could practice with each of them in order to learn their abilities. It’s hard to know which character gels with me the most when I can’t play around with them. Picking one at random and trying to learn it while the rest of the team is expecting you to perform well is frustrating. This is a very easily mode to implement and I hope Respawn throws it in sooner than later.

3. Increase ammo pickups in loot boxes.

I feel like I run out of ammo way too damn much. Throw a bone on the ammo a little bit, Respawn. No need for it to be so scarce.

2. Get Cross-Play and Cross-Progression in here.

The thing I absolutely adore about Fortnite is how all of my progress and purchases roll over to each version of the game, no matter what platform you’re on. Even though gamers had to pull Sony’s teeth in order to get there, it’s an incredible feature that makes me want to play the game even more. I would love to see Respawn pull this off as well. Every so often I like to hop from PC to console on these games and bringing over my purchases and progress makes doing so a much better experience.

1. Lower the prices of microtransactions in order to compete.

I honestly feel like every battle royale game charges entirely way too much money for character skins, weapon skins, emotes and other cosmetics. One area I feel Respawn could really compete heavily with the big boys like Fortnite is to lower those cosmetic prices in the item shop. When you offer similar cosmetics in your game but can successfully undercut the competition by charging a lot less, Apex Legends could bring over a lot of new players simply due to the lower prices on content while also forcing your competitors to drop the price gouging that’s going on in their games as well. Let’s help set some better standards here, Respawn. You have all of our attention right now.

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