Alaina Grimm Steps Down, Robby Steltenpohl Steps In

We regret to inform the community that Alaina Grimm, co-creator and co-host for the first year of That Pixel Life’s running, has decided step down from the show starting in 2019. Alaina is going back to school and taking on extra responsibilities in her career, which makes it difficult for her to appear on the show each week. Life comes first so Alaina will be taking a back seat role on the crew to take care of her needs.

While Alaina is certainly sticking around to chat with the community and will pop in on the show occasionally, she will not be featured as a regular host each week. She will continue to offer her input and guidance to That Pixel Life as we move forward. Thankfully, this will definitely not the last you will hear from her!

We wish Alaina luck on her new path to further her education and career goals!

Before stepping down, Alaina wanted to make sure we had someone great to take her place on the show. After a year of trying to tie this man down, we are thrilled to announce that our good friend and co-host from the past, Robby Steltenpohl, will be filling in for Alaina moving forward.

Robby is a fan-favorite personality from our past endeavors who loves sports, comics, gaming and throwing out his signature Robby rants when he’s heated. He will be a great asset to the show and the perfect replacement for Alaina.

Thank you for your continued support and lets have an awesome 2019 in gaming!

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