Bungie’s Big Breakup: Episode 38

Robby is officially back this week so we give him the floor to speak on anything he missed from last year, including his game of the year and his thoughts on 2018 in gaming as a whole. Welcome back, Robby!

In our Industry Buzz section, we cover EA’s cancellation of Amy Henning’s Star Wars adventure game, the big breakup between Bungie and Activision, and Randy Pitchford’s recent hijinks. The group also give their thoughts on Kingdom Hearts III going into the launch of the game in two weeks.

Our Weekly Console-tation segment includes our thoughts on the Resident Evil 2 1-Shot demo, Zach’s full review of Shadow of the Tomb Raider and Robby’s opinions of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Shannon also gives us the rundown on the experience of dealing with a TV warranty at Best Buy.

Afterwards, we wrap everything up with a hilarious discussion on Shannon mixing up eagles with owls in Lord of the Rings. Zach ponders if Jurassic Park 3 is really that bad of a movie? Also, Josh and Robby give their horror experiences of home repairs after being new home owners.

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Thanks you all for listening, Have a fantastic week and enjoy the show!

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