Predicting 2019 in Gaming: Episode 37

This week the gang peers into their crystal ball and attempts to predict the gaming industry in 2019. Which titles will release this year and which ones will be pushed back into 2020? Which games will be hits and which will be flops? How will the big three platforms perform this year? We attempt to figure all of this out right here.

In our Weekly Console-tation segment, Josh goes into detail about the Arcade 1Up cabinets that hit the market this holiday season. Are they a dream come true? Also, Shannon talks about the quirky strategy game Party Hard and joins Josh in discussing Beat Saber for PSVR.

We wrap it all up in our Week in Review segment where Josh gives you the scoop on the modding project he’s working on with the Arcade 1Up cabinet and Shannon talks about the hit new TV series The Masked Singer.

Interested in the Arcade 1Up modding project? Check out ETA Prime’s tutorial video HERE.

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Thanks you all for listening, Have a fantastic week and enjoy the show!

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