That Pixel Life’s Game of the Year 2018 is God of War

As we close 2018 remembering some of the amazing games that released within the year, we have to choose one that represents the official best game of 2018 here at That Pixel Life. After a lot of debate during our Year in Review episode, the four of us have finally picked the game that we believe represents the best of gaming in 2018. With heavy hitters such as Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, Spider-Man and Red Dead Redemption 2, it was tough to pick one but we believe we selected the right one.

God of War by Sony Santa Monica Studios is our official game of the year here at That Pixel Life.

The reason we chose God of War is simple. It’s a franchise that was in dying need of a rebirth. Not only was Sony Santa Monica successful at revitalizing the God of War series, but it did so by crafting a game that not only surpasses the previous games in quality, but also in gameplay and creativity. Sporting some amazing art and visuals mixed with strong gameplay mechanics and an emotional story of a father struggling to ensure his son becomes a better man than himself, God of War was a complete pleasure to play from start to finish. The game successfully transformed a silly and ridiculous franchise into a serious and compelling one. God of War is our favorite game of 2018.

Congrats to Sony Santa Monica Studios for the success of God of War and we cannot wait to see how they follow up this masterpiece.

While God of War is indeed our collective game of the year, each member of That Pixel Life had their own choices for their personal game of the year. Here are those choices:

Josh Faulkner:

Zach Anderson:

Shannon Moore:

Alaina Grimm:

For more of our year in review selections from 2018, listen to our 36th episode of the That Pixel Life podcast below.

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