Battlefield V, Soulcalibur VI & Darksiders III: Episode 32

This week both Zach and Alaina sit out but we welcome back Mike “The Bomb” Grimm to the show to help us wrap up the month of November by discussing a crap load of different titles that we’ve been playing over the holiday weekend. We skip our Industry Buzz segment to devote more time to the plethora of titles to cover.

The games we discuss this week are as follows:

  • Josh jumps into Battlefield V.
  • Josh plays Soulcalibur VI.
  • Josh and Mike give early impressions of Darksiders III.
  • Josh is shocked by Celeste.
  • Mike suffers through Fallout 76.
  • Shannon gives his thoughts on Pokemon Let’s Go.
  • Shannon checks out Warframe for Nintendo Switch.

The trio also share their Black Friday hauls, Christmas decorating preferences, opinions on The Game Awards 2018 and adventures in buying a laptop.

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Thanks and enjoy the show!

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