The Halloween Episode 2018: Episode 28

It’s our first annual Halloween episode here at That Pixel Life and we dedicate the entire episode to horror themed topics. We transform our Industry Buzz segment into multiple horror topics, including the scariest games we’ve ever played, the scariest thing we’ve seen in a non-horror game and we even pitch our own horror game that would scare the living crap out of us!

In our Weekly Console-tation segment, we review the four games we chose for our Halloween Game Challenge this month. Zach reviews Layers of Fear, Shannon covers Luigi’s Mansion, Alaina talks about The Evil Within 2 and Josh digs into Outlast II. Afterwards we share our listeners’ opinions on the games they chose when playing along with us.

Afterwards we dedicate our Week in Review segment to our favorite Halloween memories, what scares us the most and what our spooky plans are this year.

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Thanks and enjoy the show!

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