Astro Bot & Assassins Creed’s Monitizations: Episode 26

This week on the show, we’re having a conversation about Assassins Creed Odyssey’s microtransaction storefront and the controversy surrounding it. Many claim Ubisoft is preying on consumers, while others think its fair. We take a look at the arguments on both side and give our thoughts on all of the drama.

We also celebrate the 2nd year anniversary of Playstation VR by discussing how’s it’s performing, the volume of titles releasing for it and its future.

Josh gives his review of Astro Bot: Rescue Mission for PSVR and takes Mega Man 11 for a spin. Alaina tells us all about her feelings on Maple Story 2. Zach gushes more over Forza Horizon 4 and we review Hori’s D-Pad Joy-Con for the Nintendo Switch.

Afterwards, we wrap everything up with tales of landscaping problems, birthday celebrations and more in our off-topic Week in Review segment.

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