Halloween Game Challenge 2018

It’s Halloween season and the crew at That Pixel Life are starting a brand new spooky Hallow’s Eve tradition! We call this the Halloween Game Challenge 2018.

So how exactly does it work? Well, each of the four TPL hosts will select one horror or Halloween themed video game that they have either never played before or have not beaten in the past. Each host will spend the month of October playing through this particular title. Afterwards, we will be reviewing each game and determining whether or not each title is a good game to play during the Halloween season. Sounds fun, right?!

Episode 28 of the podcast, which will release on October 25th, will be a Halloween special that will focus entirely on horror games. Our Weekly Console-tation segment will be dedicated to the four games that we chose to review. The Industry Buzz section will include fun Horror game topics entirely. Finally, our Week in Review segment will include personal Halloween stories ranging from trick-or-treat memories, things that scare us, and our favorite Horror films as well. We’re really excited for this one!

Here’s the kicker. We want all of YOU, our loyal listeners, to participate in this challenge as well. You can join our Facebook group by clicking the Community link above and find the Halloween Challenge topic. Post which game you would like to choose to play during our Halloween Challenge and let us know how you feel about it while you’re playing it. We will read your own reviews on the show and even allow you all to record audio reviews that we can insert into the podcast if you wish. Don’t use Facebook? You can send us a DM on our Twitter page or email us at Support@ThatPixelLife.com as well with your information if you want to participate as well.

We hope everyone has an extra spooky Halloween season and we hope to see you participate in this year’s challenge!

This year, our hosts will be selecting the following games for the Halloween Game challenge.

Josh (PC)

Zach (Xbox One)

Shannon (3DS)

Alaina (PS4)

Games our community are playing

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