Gamescom Goodies & Path of Exile: Episode 20

This week the gang reveals some Gamescom news and our thoughts on it all, including the new NVIDIA RTX graphics cards and a lot of Switch ports. Afterwards we get into a discussion about the plethora of ports being dropped on the Nintendo Switch and whether or not this is a problem for the platform and if it’ll continue.

Josh talks about his time with Path of Exile, the PC and Xbox One free-to-play Action RPG that takes him by surprise. Also, Shannon shares his opinions of Dead Cells after the rest of the crew talked him into buying it. Does he enjoy it as much as the rest of us or was it a massive mistake?

We finish it all up with Josh’s PC upgrade nightmare that cost him a lot of time and hard drive data and Zach’s weekend wreck that totalled his vehicle. Don’t worry, he’s fine!

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