Audio Quality Improvements in July

The month of July is a big project month for the crew at That Pixel Life, and we’re kicking it off with some improvements to the overall audio quality of the podcast.

When we launched TPL, we had a strong desire to deliver an audio podcast each week while also live streaming the entire experience for fans of YouTube to be able to watch. Not only did this give us another avenue to get some exposure and more eyeballs on the show, it also gave us an easy way to record the show and deliver content to our Patreon subscribers.

In order to produce an audio podcast each week a little easier, we recorded live via YouTube, stripped the audio out of the archived footage, and basically produced both an audio show and a video show each week at once. This came with some flaws though, including net congestion, connection issues and YouTube’s audio compression algorithms working against us. Two people talking at once would often drown out the second person, making things sound a little funny. Obviously we were not happy with this.

Now, the crew records things a little differently. We still record live through YouTube each week, but we also record each other’s audio locally at the same time. This gives us clear audio, no compression and a separate audio track per host. After importing all four into our editing software, we can tweak each person independently, making the show sound significantly better.

Editing this way requires more time and also brings its own challenges, such as our microphones picking up literally every little bump and creak in the process, but we’ll take the added frustrations inconveniences for significantly better audio for everyone to enjoy. Going forward we will try our best to clean up the extra bits in the background.

Take a listen to Episode 14 this week using the media player below and see if you can tell a difference compared to our older episodes. We hope everyone appreciates this bump in audio quality in That Pixel Life!

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