EA, Microsoft & Bethesda – E3 2018 Part One: Episode 09

We kick off our E3 2018 celebration by delivering part one of our in-depth impressions of this year’s press conferences. In this episode we are reunited with Robby Steltenpohl to break down EA Games, Microsoft and Bethesda.

First off, the crew takes a look at EA Play 2018 and discuss all of the announcements such as Battlefield V, Anthem and Madden 19. Also, we ponder if EA Games may be wasting their time putting together their own segregated show from the other big players in the industry.

Next up, we cover Microsoft’s jam packed conference by going around the table and discussing what stood out to us the most. Afterwards, we decide if Microsoft was able to dig themselves out of the trench they’ve burried themselves into this generation.

Finally, we discuss Bethesda’s show including our impressions of Fallout 76, Doom Eternal and more. Also, we poke a little fun at the awkward situations that arose at this show including Todd Howard’s stand-up comedy routine and an unenthusiastic crowd during a surprise Andrew WK performance.

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